Hearing aids: not “you can wear it if you want”, scientific fitting is the essence

“It turns out that hearing aids should also be’optometric measurement’ like glasses.”Recently, the citizen Mr. Zhao bought one online Hearing aid , But after wearing it, I found that the auxiliary effect was limited. I went to the hospital to inquire and found out that choosing a hearing aid was far less simple than he thought.

As a retired citizen, Mr. Zhao’s hearing gradually deteriorated as he got older. Recently, he asked his children to buy one onlineHearing aid.Unexpectedly, after only a month of wearing it, he threw the hearing aid aside, “The voice has become louder, but I still can’t hear it clearly, and when I meet someone with a loud voice, the voice will be unbearably loud. “I went to the hospital to ask and found out that it turns out that the matching of hearing aids is the same as the matching of glasses. You have to check the matching before you wear it.

At present, many people do not understand the precautions for matching hearing aids.Chinese experts said that hearing aids also need to be strictly selected. If the hearing aid is not adjusted, it may not match the wearer, which may cause hearing damage to the wearer.

Optional hearing aids should beindustry

So how should the hearing aid be matched?Scientifically selectedHearing aid, It should include hearing check, hearing aid fitting, and later follow-up stage, all of which must be carried out by professionals and at professional fitting points.

According to reports, during the hearing check stage, doctors need to comprehensively evaluate the patient’s hearing loss and consider whether the patient is suitable for wearing hearing aids.In general, patients with moderate to severe hearing loss wear hearing aids best.In addition, the effect of hearing aids on patients with auditory neuropathy is not obvious.In the stage of hearing aid fitting, professionals will adjust the hearing aid to the most suitable frequency for the patient like a spectacle optometry, and ensure the clear, full and natural sound quality of the hearing aid through fitting.In addition, hearing aids are divided into box type, behind-the-ear type, ear canal type, etc., and different types of hearing aids are suitable for different people.

The correct selection of hearing aids can not only protect residual hearing, but also help suppress tinnitus.Chinese experts suggest that citizens with hearing problems should wear hearing aids as soon as possible, scientifically fitting them, and do not buy hearing aids casually in stores.

Eating less high-fat foods can help protect hearing

Hearing loss within 3 days is the golden period of treatment, and the recovery effect of hearing is the best. If the recovery effect is more than half a month, the recovery effect will be greatly reduced, and the disease is basically fixed after 3 months.

According to reports, in terms of hearing protection, it is recommended that everyone eat a reasonable diet and eat less foods containing high fat and high cholesterol to reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases and prevent arteriosclerosis from causing inner ear ischemia and leading to hearing loss.You can eat more fish and foods rich in vitamin D, iron, zinc and other elements. Quit smoking and alcohol, because tobacco and alcohol are harmful to the auditory nerve, especially when nicotine enters the blood, causing small blood vessels to spasm, slow blood, and increase viscosity , Resulting in insufficient blood supply to the inner ear, thereby promoting deafness.In addition, you often massage the ear shells with your hands and gently squeeze and relax the inner ear with your palms, or keep squeezing the tragus with your fingers, which can massage the tympanic membrane.

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