Is it useful to wear hearing aids for the elderly who cannot hear?

Older people can’t hear well Hearing aid Is it useful? What should I pay attention to when fitting hearing aids for the elderly? Every time I see these problems, I am happy that the younger generation cares about the elderly so much, and on the other hand, I feel that we know too little about hearing aids. Learn more to better care for the elders.

Hearing aid is an auxiliary device to help the elderly solve the hearing impairment. Therefore, in theory, it is useful for the elderly to wear hearing aids. However, there are various factors that cause hearing impairment in the elderly. Therefore, before wearing hearing aids You should go to a professional hearing aid service point for a hearing test, and you should also listen to the doctor’s advice.

Elderly hearing loss is the result of deterioration of physiological function, and for this reason, it is often accompanied by deterioration of central auditory function.Changes in the auditory center have led to a significant decrease in auditory resolution. Therefore, many elderly people are always complaining about “hearing but not clear”.

It can be seen that hearing aids used by the elderly should have high clarity:

1) From the perspective of electroacoustics, high-frequency components should be relatively rich.

2) From the perspective of product selection, the quality should be high, not just cheap.

3) Due to the problem of poor auditory resolution, the elderly must have a realistic expectation when fitting hearing aids—hearing aids can help the elderly improve their current distressed hearing conditions, but they cannot restore their original hearing level.

4) The ability of the elderly to operate hearing aids.Part of the elderly have degraded movement coordination, especially the insufficient sensitivity of finger movements, which brings obstacles to their operation and adjustment of hearing aids.Therefore, simple operation and large, easy-to-adjust control knobs are very important for elderly hearing aid users.From the operating point of view, the box-type hearing aid is easier, followed by the customized type and the behind-the-ear type.Hearing aid.But on the whole, customized hearing aids should be the preferred type.Because customized hearing aids are easy to operate, have good clarity, and are more easily designed to suit users’ different hearing conditions.

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