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Being able to hear and not dazzling is the ideal state of old age for people, but the reality is often unsatisfactory. Old people with dazzled eyes and old ears are everywhere, and the aging of the body is not controlled by people.Fortunately technology has helped us solve the problem, reading glasses and Hearing aid The elderly who help us can continue to observe the world clearly and clearly, contact people, and communicate.Compared with the high usage rate of reading glasses, the penetration rate of hearing aids is much lower. Many wrong ideas are spread among the crowd, making many elderly friends stay away from hearing aids.

Misunderstanding XNUMX: UseHearing aid.Will damage your hearing

Ms. Wang is very distressed recently, and the relationship between their siblings and the old father has become increasingly tense.It turns out that Mr. Wang’s hearing loss is relatively serious. In the past, the old couple lived on each other and lived together all the year round. Mr. Wang could understand his wife even without a hearing aid.But when his wife passed away a year ago, Mr. Wang fell into loneliness.Although the children are filial, the inability to hear makes communication between them difficult.Mr. Wang, who is eager to communicate with his children, suffers from misheard and incomprehension, and even angers his children.The atmosphere at home was very tense for a while.In order to facilitate communication and ease the family atmosphere, Ms. Wang wants to match her father with aHearing aid, But Mr. Wang refused, because he felt: the more hearing aids are worn, the more inaudible they are.And cite the example of a neighbor to refute Ms. Wang.

Expert answers:

Experts disagree with Mr. Wang Lao’s words: “Hearing aids are designed to help people hear and hear clearly. How can they damage your hearing? If you go to a formal fitting center and buy after fitting, pay more attention when using it. It will damage your hearing, but it will protect your hearing. Just like a person’s nearsightedness, wearing glasses with the right degree in time and using eye hygiene can effectively prevent the increase in degree.”

Isn’t that the use of hearing aids scientifically will prevent hearing loss at all? Experts say: “Human aging is inevitable, just like presbyopia. Now everyone knows that presbyopia is in progress. Reading glasses may be equipped this year. It won’t apply next year. Hearing aids are the same. But scientifically using hearing aids can delay our hearing loss.”

Misunderstanding XNUMX: Do not wear hearing aids at ordinary times.Take it out until you use it

Uncle Han always felt that he was deceived when he was fitted with hearing aids. He heard the soft voice of the fitting technician through the hearing aids in the fitting center.But after returning home, Uncle Han always felt that hearing aids were suitable when they were not bought.

Expert answers:

Experts have discovered the problem with Uncle Han: “Uncle Han always puts the hearing aids away, and will not use them when they are hard to hear. Therefore, when he uses the hearing aids, the surroundings are often very noisy. After turning on the hearing aids, he heard His voice suddenly became messy, which made him uncomfortable. Just like a normal person who was originally in a quiet place, he would be uncomfortable when he was suddenly pulled into the disco.” The correct way is: in a quiet room Turn on the hearing aid and turn down the sound. When you get used to it, you will gradually go outside and turn the sound up slowly to give yourself time to adapt.

Like Uncle Han, there are many patients with bad habits, and the reason is that they don’t have a correct understanding of hearing aids.In recent years, more and more elderly people have taken the initiative to go to the fitting center. These elderly people realize that although not hearing will not affect their survival, it will reduce their quality of life: it is difficult to communicate with relatives and friends in life; when entertaining Cannot hear radio and TV programs clearly.So they chose hearing aids.Happy old age starts from getting old and getting stronger.

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