How do I make a call after wearing a hearing aid?

The telephone is an important communication tool that people can’t live without in their daily lives, but for the hearing impaired, making a call is a difficult thing, and it is also an issue that they are very concerned about.

Under normal circumstances, hearing impaired below 70 decibels, wear Hearing aid There is no problem calling in the future.But, more than 80 decibelsHearing lossIn order to make a phone call, in addition to being equipped with special equipment, there must be a specific training process. 

BTE hearing aids make phone calls,Most hearing aids have a special “T” file, which is used to make calls. For specific use, please pay attention to three points:

(1) Turn the switch of the BTE hearing aid to the “T” position (now the latest all-digital hearing aid can automatically switch).

(2) Turn on the volume switch of the BTE hearing aid (or set the volume higher when making a call on the program of the all-digital hearing aid computer).

(3) Place the earpiece of the phone tightly on the case of the BTE hearing aid.You can hear the voice on the phone after a few more training sessions.

Ear canal hearing aids call method,In-ear type and ear canal type should be trained to find a suitable position so that the hearing aid has no whistling (or a special coil for telephone calls can also be installed) and can hear the sound.However, patients with in-ear hearing aids who have a hearing loss greater than 90 decibels will have certain difficulties in making good phone calls.It would be better to make a call with CIC, a complete ear canal hearing aid. 


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