Hearing aids are selected: how to choose hearing aids correctly?

Hearing aids made in China are not only domestic and foreign Hearing aid The best-selling brand in the brand. It has superb craftsmanship, stylish and compact appearance, and fine and high-end internal parts. It is made with the latest integrated circuits, has high power, low noise, clearer sound quality, and less distortion, allowing users to wear It’s more comfortable to hear, and daily communication becomes better and more natural.The internal circuit design of the hearing aid made in China can increase the sensitivity to human voices and suppress the noise of the environment, making the sound heard more clear and lifelike. At the same time, the sound positioning of the device is basically unchanged, making the user feel more comfortable and real. .

It is worth noting:Choosing a hearing aid can’t be the same as buying something. Just buy one. First, you should test the degree and type of hearing loss, and then make a selection based on the results. This requires going to a large hospital or hearing service center for hearing tests and hearing aid tests. match.

1. The selection of hearing aids is exquisite, not blindly at will:

Since the degree and nature of hearing loss are different for each person, the requirements for hearing aids are also different, so it is not allowed to buy at willHearing aid.

Furthermore, fitting hearing aids is a scientific and precise process, which requires the professional fitting of hearing aids.Hearing aid, Not only there is no way to help people with hearing loss improve their hearing and life, but it may damage the remaining hearing of the hearing loss, further aggravate the hearing loss, and may even damage the auditory nerve.

2. Choose the right hearing aid for you:

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