Hearing aids: the one that suits you is the best

According to the introduction of Mr. Wu, a national third-level optician made in China, as more and more Hearing aid The continuous release of products on the market has brought great help to the hearing-impaired friends, but also caused confusion: Is the new function really useful?Should hearing aids, like other electronic products, keep up with the pace of technology?How to choose among so many new products?

In this regard, the point that we have repeatedly emphasized is –What suits you is the best.Your own ears and your own feelings are the most important, and all technologies and fittings must be served for this.The following are the five common problems of new products that we have come into contact with, and I will give you a guide one by one:

XNUMX. Do you need a frequency shift function?

The frequency shift function, which was originally used as a hearing aid performance test, is increasingly being used on public hearing aid models. Now BTE machines, customized machines, and open-ear BTE machines have this function.Mr. Wu believes that the proportion of users who are suitable for frequency shifting is still relatively small. For most users’ hearing, there is no need to purchase a special frequency shifting function.Hearing aid, Unless it will be used in the present or in the foreseeable future.The specific conditions should be judged according to the audiogram.

XNUMX. Is the hearing aid wireless device good?

The new and widely applicable wireless devices of various hearing aids have indeed brought a lot of convenience, so that telephones, TVs, computers, MP3 and other places where hearing is needed can get clearer sound.Before buying, you need to consider whether you need to invest another sum of money to purchase these equipment, and whether there are relatively independent and applicable home appliances in your own life or work space, and whether you are ready to use more special signals to get them as soon as possible Good audibility.

XNUMX. How many channels is the best?

If the economy is ample, it is of course better to have more options.Teacher Wu suggested that different channels should be selected according to the difference of hearing, and the magnitude of the change depends on the difference of hearing at different frequencies.On this basis, with the help of an experienced fitting technician to help you deploy, you can achieve basically satisfactory results.

XNUMX. Is the noise reduction function of hearing aids good?

If we want to hear clear sound in different environments, we need a hearing aid with a powerful noise reduction mode to improve the signal-to-noise ratio.Among the current noise reduction functions of hearing aids, one type is single-ear processing, and the other type is co-processing between two ears.You have to consider whether you are matching single ear or binaural ears, and which of those noise reduction technologies can really be achieved, which helps to spend less money to buy similar effectsHearing aid.

XNUMX. Should I replace new products every year?

The service life of hearing aids is between 5 and 10 years. Unless there is a major change in hearing, we do not recommend frequent replacement of new devices.Many brands now release new products every year to continuously compete in the hearing market.Changing the new machine too quickly, not to mention the waste of money, does not substantially improve the ears.Hearing-impaired friends with better financial conditions can replace them in 2 to 5 years. Because of the relatively long time, the technology of hearing aids has just been significantly improved, and the help to improve hearing is very direct.

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