Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation-Hearing Aids

Many patients expect Hearing aid Very suitable and able to meet all requirements and solve all problems.They hope that hearing aids can correct hearing just like wearing glasses to correct vision.However, in rehabilitation work, the optician chooses hearing aids for patients in an attempt to reduce disability, such as amplifying sounds that have never been heard so that the patients can feel them, and reducing hearing problems caused by hearing loss.In addition, it is hoped that by matching hearing aids to help patients alleviate disability, such as psychological problems.

Whether it is mild, moderate or more severe hearing loss, hearing aids can help or under certain conditions.For many patients, the key to using hearing aids correctly is:

(1) Professionals have correctly introducedHearing aid.

(2) The patient corrected the misunderstanding about the use of hearing aids and hearing loss.

(3) The patient selected the most suitableHearing aid.

(4) Patients can use and adjust their hearing aids correctly, and have more realistic expectations for the use of hearing aids.

(5) The patient can insist on using hearing aids for a long time.Hearing aids can only be used correctly to help patients overcome the disability and disability caused by hearing loss.

Due to economic or medical reasons, for some patients who cannot be equipped with hearing aids, other rehabilitation methods, such as the use of various listening skills, can also be used.

Why can’t hearing aids solve all hearing problems related to hearing loss

(1) Some patients cannot hear certain non-verbal signals, such as alarms, alarms, telephone bells, door bells, etc., mainly because the frequency range of these signals is outside the patient’s hearing aid frequency range.These signals are mostly high-frequency, and hearing aids often do not compensate for hearing in this frequency range. As a result, patients cannot hear these non-verbal signals, but they cannot hear them when they are far away.

(2) While using hearing aids, it is still necessary to combine visual information such as lip reading to understand language.But when watching TV, movies or dramas, these visual information will be reduced, and patients will encounter difficulties in this situation.When making a call, since there is no visual information and the frequency range of the call is compressed, the patient will encounter greater difficulties.

(3) In certain environments, such as a noisy environment or a long distance from the conversation partner, the patient often cannot hear the content of the conversation. This is mainly due to the reduction of the signal-to-noise ratio.

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