How to choose the other ear of the elderly-a hearing aid?

Listening with ears and seeing with eyes are equally important. Why do people have two ears? Because the brain needs the information input from both ears to determine the direction of the sound.We can judge the sound position because of the physical distance between our ears.This natural method allows you to live safely and comfortably every day.The elderly often suffer from hearing loss, which requires the help of hearing aids. So, what kind of hearing aid is the best for the elderly to wear?

The elderly should choose high-end hearing aids as much as possibleHearing aid, Hearing aids are better, and can automatically adapt to various environments, and Hearing aid It can also provide the best listening program according to the user’s listening habits, which is not only easy to operate, but also effective, and is an ideal choice for hearing aids for the elderly.So, what kind of hearing aid is the best?How to choose?

First of all, the hearing-impaired elderly or their family members talk to an otolaryngology doctor or a matching division to understand the condition, record the cause, and listen to the patient’s requirements. This is the prerequisite for us to choose a hearing aid.

Then, the hearing aid is selected. First, the hearing aid is selected according to the patient’s hearing condition and other factors and connected to the computer, and the parameters of the hearing aid are adjusted to suit the patient’s condition with the support of the software.

Finally, the prices of domestic and imported hearing aids of different types vary greatly, and they need to be selected according to the individual’s financial affordability and hearing conditions.

Hearing loss patients choose to wear the elderlyHearing aid, First of all, a special hearing test and fitting should be carried out.At the same time, one must also pay attention to the following issues: 

1. The degree and type of hearing loss.Each type of hearing aid has its own range of adaptation. For example, BTE hearing aids have a wide range of hearing loss, which is necessary for severe, deep deafness, or high-frequency steep drop hearing loss.Some conductive patients have experienced poor results after many operations, and the tympanic structure is damaged, so bone conduction hearing aids can be considered.

2. Wearing hearing aids should be comfortable and painless,If you feel pain, you should contact your optician and don’t take time to adjust to the pain.

3. Avoid noise.The noise may be very loud, but it should not cause discomfort. If the patient feels that the noise is too loud and cannot reach a satisfactory volume, they need to contact the hearing aid specialist center immediately to re-test and adjust.

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