In a noisy environment, the solution to wearing a hearing aid is unpleasant

Wearing a hearing aid in a noisy environment, such as a crowded environment, makes it difficult to hear. How to solve it?

First of all, we must distinguish clearly Hearing aid If it is unpleasant, is it unclear or uncomfortable when the voice is loud? If you feel uncomfortable when the voice is loud, you can go to the fitting center to ask the inspector to adjustHearing aid, There is a volume switch and you can also adjust it yourself.

If you don’t hear clearly in a crowded place, it is recommended to have better performanceHearing aidIn this way, the optician can make adjustments according to the performance of the hearing aid. In addition, it also depends on the language discrimination ability of the person using the hearing aid, the degree of hearing loss, and the length of time. If the language discrimination ability is poor, the hearing loss time will be longer. It takes a process of adapting to hearing aids and learning languages.If you are just starting to wear hearing aids, it is recommended not to go to crowded places. First communicate one-on-one in a quiet environment. At this time, your family also cooperates and speak slowly, so as to help people who use hearing aids to get through the early stage smoothly. Expect.

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