How to store hearing aid batteries?

In principle, zinc-air batteries will lose energy during storage.Although some batteries have a longer storage time than others.The inherent electrochemical system of the battery itself gradually consumes the energy of the battery. This process is called self-discharge. This process is related to the material properties of the positive electrode in the electrolyte and the instability of its thermodynamics.The rate of self-discharge phenomenon in rechargeable batteries is higher than that in non-rechargeable batteries.

The self-discharge of rechargeable batteries at room temperature is generally (15%-25%)/month, and the monthly self-discharge rate of solar cells is relatively low, about 10%.This phenomenon is extremely low in non-rechargeable batteries, less than 2% per year at room temperature, but this value will be affected by many factors.

 Among all environmental factors, temperature is the biggest influencing factor.This is related to the temperature-dependent electrochemical reaction that occurs at the electrode/electrolyte interface, where it can be considered the heart of the battery.As the temperature drops, the reaction rate of the electrode also drops, and the current decreases.

During use, it takes a lot of energy to gradually return to room temperature.As the temperature rises, the reaction rate of the electrode also rises, and the current increases, which consumes energy.The general temperature of the refrigerator is 0~10℃, which is a good place to put the battery.The second influencing factor is humidity.The characteristic of the zinc-air battery is that it is directly connected to the surrounding atmosphere. If the relative humidity is too low, the electrolyte in the battery will slowly dry out; if the relative humidity is too high, the system will store moisture, both of which are contrary to the performance of the zinc-air battery .If you store the battery in the refrigerator, don’t forget that the refrigerator also provides a low-humidity environment, which is like the food in the refrigerator without a lid. The food will gradually lose water and dry out.So it is best to put the battery in an anti-evaporation package first.

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