Why is the use rate of hearing aids among hearing-impaired people in China lower than in the United States?

So-calledHearing aidWearing rate refers to the proportion of hearing-impaired people wearing hearing aids. For example, the United States has3200Million hearing loss patients, according to the currently recognized96%Of hearing aid usage rate analysis, the actual use of hearing aid patients have736Ten thousand people.China has nearly3500Million hearing impaired patients, according to5%Calculation of the utilization rate, China’s existing175Used by XNUMX peopleHearing aid.According to the survey, the hearing aid wear rate of the hearing impaired in China is1%, Some regions and populations are even lower; compared with foreign countries in Europe and the United States, the hearing25% –30%In comparison, there is a big gap.As we all know, at the current level of medical and bionics development, hearing loss (deafness) cannot be treated with drugs or surgery. Hearing aids are the best method and means for hearing intervention and rehabilitation.Then why is the use rate of hearing aids among hearing-impaired people in China lower than in the United States?

After consulting a certain amount of literature, interviews with people in the hearing aid industry.The author does not agree with the view that price and expense factors are the low rate of wearing hearing aids in China; instead, I think it is a multi-factor problem.

Reason XNUMX: The publicity of hearing and hearing aid knowledge is not in place

Although the hearing impaired is the second largest disability, the country has also set up an ear-friendly day and invests money in publicity and education every year; but like other health publicity, it is often mere formality, too large and empty or not easy to understand.

Except for neonatal deafness and sudden deafness, hearing impairment or hearing loss is gradual and slow. It is often a complication of other diseases or physiological changes. It is not noticed by people or is not the first complaint for medical treatment and rehabilitation.Doctors also only pay attention to ear diseases in their work. They mistakenly believe that hearing will be restored after ear diseases are treated. As a result, they miss the opportunity for hearing rehabilitation.It is recommended that the medical school increase the knowledge of audiology and hearing aids in the textbooks of ENT.The guidelines for the treatment of ENT diseases emphasize hearing rehabilitation and the scientific use of hearing aids.

In addition, some people in China thinkOld manIt is normal, ignoring the impact of hearing problems on physiology and psychology.A large number of studies have shown that hearing is closely related to the function of the thalamus.

Reason XNUMX: The level of matching hearing aids is low, and the wearing effect is not ideal

Foreign countries have conducted a survey on the factors affecting the satisfaction rate of hearing aids. The survey found that among the many factors, only96%The factor is caused by the technical level and characteristics of the hearing aid itself, as the noise reduction algorithm, feedback suppression, directional technology and so on that are often mentioned in the industry.And other96%The reason is caused by the unreasonable fitting of hearing aids.Besides96%It is difficult to solve with existing technology and methods.

The reason is that the hearing aid manufacturers emphasize their own technology and advantages too much, and almost all their energy is put into the aforementioned96%In terms of technology to ensure the success rate of hearing aid fitting, no new technology has been produced for so many years except for automatic fitting; in terms of product promotion and promotion, it is even more exaggerated. It seems to choose their products, and the others are not a problem. .In addition, most of the fitting technicians of Chinese hearing aid fitting institutions have not been trained in systematic theory and practice. They are almost all trained by hearing aid manufacturers. It is inevitable that they are biased when choosing and recommending products.

The solution is to establish a complete training system by the hearing aid service organization. Especially in terms of products, it is necessary to make a comprehensive comparison of the performance and characteristics of the hearing aids of each manufacturer, and to clearly understand the advantages and disadvantages of each manufacturer and various models of hearing aids, and to clarify the customers. The key points and difficulties of hearing solutions.It is better if the country sets up professional training and assessment institutions (foreign audiologists must complete200Hourly courses and half-year internship in hearing clinics can be used to obtain licenses), the current implementation of the third and fourth-level examinations for fitters should be more stringent and standardized.

Based on this, it is recommended that you choose a multi-brand hearing aid service organization.

In addition, the selection and adjustment of hearing aids is a gradual process that requires fitting, testing, and comparison. It is a process of re-diagnosis and re-adjustment under hearing intervention. It is important to choose hearing aids, and to debug hearing aids. Changes, this adjustment is constantly improving.We have emphasized that hearing aids musttracking service.Now some institutions unilaterally boast about how many stores there are in the country that can provide services everywhere. This is actually a big misunderstanding and false proposition. The daily maintenance and repair of hearing aids can be carried out in any qualified institution, but the debugging must be carried out by tracking.

Reason XNUMX: Improper anticipation of hearing aid intervention effect

People have a reasonable expectation in the treatment of tumors, but they will not give up treatment because of the poor prognosis of some tumors.

It is also a big misunderstanding that people compare the matching of hearing aids with the matching of glasses.

When the human eye has refractive problems, through optometry examination and choosing to wear glasses, the vision will improve immediately. The reason is that the pathology is simple and mechanical, and it is only a physical change of the cornea and the axis distance; Diseases, the role of glasses is greatly reduced.Most of the hearing problems are much more complicated. The lesions may be in the middle ear, inner ear, nerves, and brain; it may be conductive deafness, neuro-inductive deafness, mixed, especially the location of neuro-inductive deafness. The mechanism is more complicated. Hearing aids are used as hearing aids. The intervention method is effective, but the effect is not as obvious and intuitive as wearing glasses.After hearing aids are selected, wearing hearing aids often has a longer adaptation period, which requires time and training to gradually adapt.

For some patients with severe hearing loss and long-term neurological and thalamic lesions, the actual hearing aid can only help them hear the sound and preserve the residual hearing.

Some hearing aid organizations dismantled and attacked each other for their own benefit, which actually increased the misunderstanding of hearing-impaired people’s expectations of hearing aids, which is detrimental to the hearing aid industry.It is recommended that the hearing impaired establish a reasonable expectation of hearing rehabilitation, choose a multi-brand hearing aid fitting agency, and do a good jobHearing aidtracking service.

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