Can hearing aids be worn for auditory neuropathy?

A patient, male, 17 years old, works in a hair salon. He has experienced hearing loss in the past six months. Sometimes he cannot hear colleagues and customers talking at work. He wants to match Hearing aid .

Medical history inquiry-no tinnitus and dizziness, no history of colds, ear trauma, no history of suppurative otitis media, no history of ototoxic drug use, no family history of deafness, daily exposure to hair dryers, no history of ear surgery, previous health.The bilateral tympanic membranes were normal, there was no perforation, and there was no pus in the external auditory canal.

Does the diagnosis process?

Answer: Audiology test results

l Pure tone audiometry: mild to moderate hearing loss, high low frequency loss, ascending hearing curve

l OAE test-both ears OAE are normal

l ABR test-ABR cannot elicit or can only elicit part of the response wave under strong 100dB nHL stimulation, or the threshold is low

l Imaging examination-brain CT and MRI have no abnormal findings

Diagnosis: Acoustic neuropathy

Treatment: At present, there is no definite effective treatment method. The application of hearing aids is generally considered to be ineffective, and cochlear implants usually adopt a cautious attitude.

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