The elderly with hearing loss have more hearing aids to help communication

According to Chinese hearing aid experts, with the aging of the population, hearing problems associated with aging have become more and more common.Many family members of the elderly often complain, “Elders are getting more and more ignorant of others”, “Less and less talking with others”, “Watching TV is always loud”, “Always talking with ducks” and other situations. Actually all”Hearing loss“To blame.

Helen Keller, an American disability educator, famously said: “Invisible, isolates people from things; inaudible, isolates people from others.” Elders ignore people because they can’t hear. If ordinary people don’t know the hearing problems of elders, they usually They don’t speak very loudly. Even if family members who know the situation want to speak loudly, most of them cannot be sustained because of their vocal cords. They also tend to make people think that the family quarrels every day. Over time, it reduces the willingness to communicate with each other.

High-frequency hearing loss

“High-frequency hearing loss” often causes patients to hear the sound but can’t hear the content clearly, leading to misunderstandings, often affecting interpersonal relationships, and even causing elders to withdraw to their own world, which will cause depression, loneliness, loss of intimacy and other negative effects. mood.

According to Chinese hearing aid experts, “hearing loss” can be dealt with according to different causes after consultation, physical examination, and hearing examination.In clinical practice, there are often patients who hear that when someone goes to the hospital to remove the water in their ears, they also want to deal with it in this way, but ignore that the cause of each person may be different, and the treatment methods are naturally different.

If the cause is in the outer ear or middle ear, many conditions can be improved by treatment; if the problem lies in the inner ear or even deeper auditory nerves, there is currently no medicine or surgery that can regenerate cells and restore hearing.Faced with unrecoverable hearing loss, they can only improve by wearing Chinese-made hearing aids.

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