Lead show 16CIC fitting case

Mr. Long Haicai, 25 years old, has a hearing loss of around 85dB in both ears.As young people have higher requirements for aesthetics, I hope to be able to choose CIC styles.A custom machine CIC of a certain brand of more than 8 yuan was selected.The effect of the phone call has not been satisfactory, so I am very distressed.He himself is in the cook industry, and every time his colleagues call him, he can’t hear him clearly.Every time my father called him from his hometown, hoping to talk with him about the daily routine, but he couldn’t hear clearly, and the conversation was always very unpleasant.His father was very angry and complained about spending so much money on it. Hearing aid , I can’t communicate even after making a phone call. There is no difference between wearing and not wearing.

Mr. Cai himself is also very inferior. He doesn’t like to go out and play with friends, let alone chat with friends.Until one day, I went to the center to do promotional activities.He came to the center for debugging and maintenance Hearing aid After I learned about his situation and complaints, I did an analysis and evaluation of his hearing, and I suggested that he should be fitted with a hearing aid that is more suitable for him.It should be more suitable for his hearing needs and improve his communication barriers in daily life.He was very excited at that time and said he was going home to discuss with his father.A few days later, Mr. Cai’s father called me to ask if there is really a hearing aid made in China that allows his son to make calls?Can you hear it quietly?After introducing him to his dad, his dad doubtfully hoped that he would take him to the company to find me with a hearing aid in a few days.

A few days later, after I evaluated it again, I suggested choosing the high-power leader 16CIC-SP.But because he felt that the price was a bit too high, he couldn’t accept it.So I recommended another leading show 8CIC-SP in the same series to him.It provides 16KHz ultra-wide frequency response compensation close to what a normal person can listen to, 128-segment spectrum intelligent full-frequency noise reduction, and unique processing functions such as voice enhancement.To ensure the clarity of listening to the phone.A week later, Mr. Cai put on the new hearing aid as he wished, but the effect was better than he expected.Immediately called home to his mother and heard very clearly, he was happy like a child.I also imagined that I could easily communicate with my colleagues at work, that would be great.I comfort Mr. Cai to stop worrying and get used to it for a while when I go back.If you have any problems, you can come to debug at any time.

The next day, I received a call from Mr. Cai.I was very excited and said to me: Sister, thank you, I also listened very well when I went to work, so that my problems were solved, this hearing aid made in China is amazing!

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