Male, 30-year-old ITC Ming U+ debugging results

 患者,男,30岁。纯音测听气导检查(0.5KHz—8 KHz)示:左耳依次为50dB、45dB、55dB、55dB、60dB、80dB。右耳依次为65dB、50dB、50dB、65dB、75dB、90dB。今年2月26日在专家活动时,现场试听ITC明U+效果明显,病人很满意,于是当日右耳选配ITC明U+一台。取机时,调试好后一戴上去,病人就感到声音闷。

What should I do with this patient?

Processing process:

1. Free sound field evaluation: The threshold after hearing aid (free sound field evaluation) is 35dB. At first, the optician suspected that it was due to the initial wearing, so he asked the patient to go back and adapt, and it will be better later;

2. Debugging: Two days later, the patient still feels dull, dizzy, and his own voice feels “en”, and his own voice will cover other people’s voices. No matter how debugged the optician is, it will be useless, but the hearing aid will be used. Pull it out, the patient feels very comfortable, and the hearing aid effect is also very good;

3. Enlarging the vent hole and disposing of the shell: consult the headquarters and decide to increase the vent hole.When I came to pick up the camera for the second time, I said it was similar to the previous one. It was still very stuffy. It was good to pull it out, and the ear plugging effect was serious. I decided to redo the shell, make the ITC smaller, and open the vent. When I came to try it, I felt better than before. I still feel boring when I wear it for a long time, and I can’t hear anything after wearing it for a long time.

I changed ITC to CIC, and I felt better after trying it on. The patient also said to go back to try it on. After two days, he came back and said that it was still a bit uncomfortable. Finally, I decided to ventilate CIC and it felt good.After many return visits, the patient is now very satisfied.

analysis:1. Post-hearing aid evaluation can generally rule out complaints about hearing aid effects caused by hearing aid debugging problems;

     2. For patients with poor results, we must follow up and solve problems in time;

     3. For patients with severe ear plugging effect, CIC hearing aids with vents can be used.

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