Qinghai hearing impaired girls bravely pursue their dreams: If you want to be good, you must work hard

China News Service, Xining, April 4st, title: Qinghai hearing impaired girls bravely pursue their dreams: If you want to be good, you must work hard

Author She Lisha

Lu Jing, a girl suffering from hearing impairment, has not only learned “lip language” and speaking, but also mastered many skills such as pile embroidery, painting thangka, playing guzheng, dancing, etc. With extraordinary efforts, Lu Jing has Her silent world is portrayed vividly.

Back in time 30 years ago, Lu Jing, a healthy and beautiful girl, was born in an ordinary family in Xining, Qinghai. Her parents and family regarded her as the jewel in the palm.Unexpectedly, there were unforeseen circumstances. When Lu Jing was less than two years old, her hearing loss was caused by injection of medicines due to her illness. Her parents took her to many hospitals in Xining, but they failed to restore her daughter’s hearing.

“At that time, looking at my daughter’s immature face, I decided not to give up no matter how difficult it is. If my daughter can’t hear others, then I will teach her to’read the words’!” Lu Jing’s mother Wang Caihong told reporters that she wanted Lu Quietly speaking through “reading” means reading lip language to communicate with others, but this is not easy.

Every time she taught Lu Jing to speak, Lu Jing’s mother asked Lu Jing to touch her throat with her hand and feel the tremor of her vocal cords.Xiao Lujing stared at her mother’s lips, carefully identifying the shape of each word.Just like this dozens of times, hundreds of times, or even thousands of times… Mother Lu taught patiently, Lu Jing worked hard to learn, and often became dry in practice. In this way, Lu Jing basically mastered the ability of lip-reading and speaking.

When she was in elementary school, Lu’s mother sent Lu Jing to an ordinary elementary school in order to let her daughter receive education like a normal child.During class, Lu Jing watched the teacher’s lips intently, only to know what the teacher was talking about, and it was very difficult to study.Therefore, Lu’s mother told her the content of the next day’s textbook in advance every night, and the mother and daughter often didn’t go to bed until late at night.

In addition to her usual studies, Lu Jing has many hobbies, especially dancing, she has an innate feeling.

“When Jingjing was five or six years old, she watched other people dancing on TV once. She was deeply attracted by the dancers’ graceful dances and jumped with them. Since then, she has become obsessed with dancing.” Mother Lu He said that he didn’t want her daughter’s talent to be obliterated, so she was sent to a special dance training school to learn dance.

In order to achieve the most basic requirement of dance moves and music in harmony, Lu Jing has made hard work that ordinary people can’t imagine: she followed the teacher’s gestures and the tremor of the music, silently tapping in her heart, and brilliantly completed one after another. She can quickly master a dance move, a set of quite difficult dance moves, and has a deep charm.

However, after all, Lu Jing is different from a normal child. She also has difficulties that she cannot overcome. As the learning courses become more and more difficult, Lu’s mother seems to be unable to help her study. Therefore, the 17-year-old Lu Jing stopped after graduating from junior high school. Studying began to work.Lu Jing said that her mother had put a lot of effort into nurturing her, but she just didn’t want to add burden to the family anymore, and wanted to make money back to her parents.

After setting foot in society, Lu Jing went to work in beauty salons and factories, but due to hearing impairment, she could not stay.However, under Lu Jing’s weak appearance, there is a stubborn and unwilling character. She realized that she must master the skills that match her physical condition in order to seek better development, so Lu Jing signed up for the local night school. After get off work every day, go to study Chinese language and literature college courses.

Gu Yongping, a Yeda teacher who had been a class teacher for Lu Jing for two and a half years, was very impressed by her. Gu Yongping said that Lu Jing studies very hard, she never missed classes, and her studies have always been upper-middle class. “I remember that there was a heavy snowfall in the evening, and the classmates in Lu Jing’s class didn’t come to class except her. The teacher was touched by her and gave her a lesson alone.” Gu Yongping recalled.

Kung fu pays off. With her own expertise, expertise and hard work, Lu Jing is currently the vice chairman of Qinghai Provincial Deaf Association and works in Qinghai Colorful Dream Disabled Art Troupe. She usually teaches other disabled children to dance, and also participates in Qinghai Province. Many dance performances inside and outside, and won many awards.

At Lu Jing’s house, the reporter saw that her room was very tidy. There were guzheng, cucurbits and other musical instruments in the room, as well as many trophies and awards; the writing desk was full of books.Lu Jing told reporters that she cherishes this hard-won job very much. After dinner after work every day, she either practices basic skills or reads books to recharge herself.

“I want to live like a normal person, and I want to be better than ordinary people, so I must work harder.” Lu Jing said.

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