Does tinnitus cause deafness if it is not treated in time?

Whether tinnitus develops into deafness, patients often inquire about this problem through the Internet, in fact, this is also a misunderstanding.Because tinnitus is only a manifestation, but it will not cause deafness due to tinnitus for a long time.Conversely, you have to check which problem is causing the tinnitus. If it is combined with the lesions of the inner ear or the nerves that cause the tinnitus, it may cause deafness accordingly.But don’t think that tinnitus will cause deafness. Tinnitus alone usually does not affect deafness.

Tinnitus does not cause deafness, but tinnitus reflects the gradual aging of body organs.Tinnitus refers to abnormal sensations in the absence of any external stimuli. This is because the hearing loss of human organs gradually aging, accompanied by tinnitus.Most tinnitus patients have systemic diseases of varying degrees, such as decreased renal function. In Chinese medicine, the ear is the flower of the kidney.Tinnitus occurs when there is insufficient human blood or disease.There is also tinnitus and deafness caused by improper use of antibiotics, leaving many sequelae.
If tinnitus occurs, first go to the ENT department of the hospital for related examinations, including hearing tests and ear examinations, to rule out whether it is caused by malignant changes in the ears (such as tumor compression).Therefore, diabetic patients who have recently experienced tinnitus should go to the hospital for corresponding examinations, diagnose in time, relax themselves, keep a happy mood, and divert attention, so that the tinnitus can be alleviated.

Gradually aggravated tinnitus can cause deafness, and the occurrence of lesions will gradually reduce the hearing of the ears. Therefore, a reasonable diet and increasing immunity are the recovery of the body’s function, appropriate exercise, and a happy mood.

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