Yibin science champion took the college entrance examination with a hearing aid

四川新闻网宜宾6月23日讯(记者 周瑜原 李春雨)昨晚22时许,2016年四川高考成绩出炉,宜宾市三中学生樊孝林以679分摘得宜宾2016高考理科头名。22日晚,记者见到了樊孝林本人,据其介绍,由于双耳听力不是太好,在高考时,樊孝林是带着助听器进行的考试,最终取得了宜宾理科第一名的好成绩。

Impaired hearing, complete the test with a hearing aid

Fan Xiaolin has a dark skin and is 18 years old this year. He is a handsome and sunny boy from Shuanglong Town, Yibin County, Yibin City.When Fan Xiaolin was in the 5th grade of elementary school, his hearing loss in both ears was caused by illness. When he was in junior high school, he had trouble communicating with his classmates and became a little introverted.When he was in junior high school, after his father Fan Zhenming discovered his hearing problems, he quickly took him to West China Hospital for an examination.After diagnosis, Fan Xiaolin was suffering from neurological hearing loss, and there is no particularly effective treatment.

“When I just found out that my hearing was bad, I didn’t care. I couldn’t hear my classmates playing around me. In fact, I was no different from others. God is fair. Since I closed this door, I must Open that window for me. When the dormitory is too noisy, others can’t sleep well, and I can sleep peacefully.” Fan Xiaolin has another opinion about his hearing problem.

After entering high school, Fan Xiaolin matched Hearing aid He gradually merged into the new class, and there was no barrier to communication with his classmates, and he gradually changed back to his appearance as a sunny boy.In high school, Fan Xiaolin’s academic performance has always been among the best, and he also entered the city’s top 3 during the diagnosis test in Yibin.

In the eyes of class teacher Lan Shicai, Fan Xiaolin’s victory in Yibin City this time is a “natural” thing. He is a student with this ability.Fan Xiaolin is usually very helpful, and he always gives tuition and lectures to his classmates tirelessly. He is deeply loved and welcomed by teachers and classmates.

Lan Shicai said: “Fan Xiaolin has a very good mentality, he has a very correct attitude when studying, and he strictly follows the teacher’s instructions. During class, he will continue to listen to the teacher patiently after he understands the teacher’s lecture. He will not be like other students. The same desertion.”

Before the third year of high school, because Fan Xiaolin’s hearing problem was not very serious, he didn’t wear it. Hearing aid In consideration of his special situation, the teacher also arranged him to sit in the front row, so that he could hear him more clearly during class.Although he was wearing a hearing aid during the college entrance examination, especially in English subjects with listening tests, he still scored 140 points.

After the college entrance examination, Fan Xiaolin had estimated the score to be 680 points. Yesterday he saw that the score was one point less than his estimated score. He was still very satisfied.Fan Xiaolin told a reporter from Sichuan News that his goal is Tsinghua University’s molecular materials major, and he will also apply for this major, hoping to enter Tsinghua to study.

Fan Xiaolin’s father, Fan Zhenming, is a middle school teacher, and his mother is a primary school teacher.When the college entrance examination results came out last night, Fan Zhenming was worried that the estimated scores and his son’s actual scores were too far apart. The children wanted to do stupid things if they did not meet in a meeting, so he deliberately accompanied his son to check the scores.

“I am very proud of my children’s excellent results. I don’t care much about the results. I pay more attention to the children’s growth and learning process.” Fan Zhenming said.

Love to play, love to send words to younger brothers and younger sisters, do things with one heart and one mind

In addition to studying, Fan Xiaolin usually likes to play football, badminton, and read literature books. Sometimes he also invites friends to karaoke, plays games, plays cards, etc. In short, he relaxes himself in a different way.Because of their own choices, the parents did not understand at one time, worrying about the impact on academic performance.I was once “threat” by my father that if his grades dropped, he wouldn’t want to go out to play.

Fan Xiaolin believes that when you are relaxing, you have to play frantically, and when you are studying, you must be very focused and do everything with one heart and one mind. Only in this way will you have good results.Fan Xiaolin said: “Every time I got my grades, I was satisfied, but my father didn’t say anything later. When I got to high school, I felt more pressure to study, and I had a lot of restraint, so I started to study more seriously.”

For his younger brothers and sisters, Fan Xiaolin expressed the hope that the younger brothers and sisters should concentrate on everything they do. Since they are studying, they must study hard, relax and play completely. They cannot relax while thinking about learning. This effect will not be effective. Especially good.

Lan Shicai told a reporter from Sichuan News that he had taken the top students in the four college entrance examinations. Fan Xiaolin’s achievements are inseparable from his hard work, and at the same time, it is inseparable from the hard work of the teachers.

For the last summer vacation in middle school, Fan Xiaolin has already made arrangements. “I want to invite the teachers to dinner and thank them for their hard work over the past three years. I also want to take time to see the world, travel, and take a driver’s license test. In short, the entire holiday schedule is full. After this holiday, It’s the long-awaited university life.” Fan Xiaolin said.

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