18-year-old deaf boy admitted to “Harvard for the Deaf” and will study in the United States


It is understood that Gallaudet University is located in Washington, the capital of the United States. It is the world’s first private comprehensive university for the deaf and the only university that specializes in undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Hard to learn

Like to read and write after reading, I often find teachers to help with homework after class

It is understood that Bai Yunhe, who suffers from congenital snail disease, was born in a scholarly family in Wenchang, and his parents are both bank employees.Affected by his father, he likes to read since he was a child, and he reads a lot and likes to write after reading.

Lin Ying, the principal of Wenchang Special Education School, said in an interview with reporters last night that Baiyunhe Primary School came to the school in the third grade and continued to junior high school.In Lin Ying’s impression, Bai Yunhe is a child who studies very hard. “He is very different from other children. He has a very good attitude towards learning. After class, he often finds his own teacher to help him.” Lin Ying said that in addition to studying, Bai Yunhe is still a cheerful and sensible child. “He will often help Classmates, very caring.”

“His parents have always been very supportive of him.” Lin Ying said. After finishing junior high school, Bai Yunhe’s parents believed that the high school teaching in Hainan Special Education School was not as good as that of other provinces. For the future of the child, they sent Bai Yunhe to Guangzhou to go to school. .

Passionate about writing

Join the Youth Branch of the Guangzhou Writers Association and publish works on the WeChat public account

The reporter learned from the official website of the Guangzhou School for the Deaf, where Bai Yunhe studied, that Bai Yunhe has served as the class leader and the president of the literature club. He regards learning as a life need and has consistently ranked among the best in various subjects.Enthusiastic about writing, he often practiced the writing skills taught by the teacher, his writing level has been continuously improved, and he has published works in school publications many times.At the same time, he actively participates in composition competitions, art competitions and calligraphy competitions inside and outside the school. He has been named the school’s “three good” students for many times, and was also named the school’s “good deeds list” as a diligent and studious star.

In 2014, Bai Yunhe was named the “Reading Star” of Guangzhou City; in 2016, he joined the Youth Branch of the Guangzhou Writers Association, and at the same time opened his personal WeChat public account “Cloud is the hometown of cranes” to publish his literary works regularly to promote deafness Human cultural thoughts and spiritual world.In addition, his self-written and directed microfilm “Goal” won the third prize of the Guangzhou Middle School Student Microfilm Competition.

Determined to go abroad

Sophomore year off to prepare for the “American College Entrance Examination”, spend a few hours a day memorizing vocabulary

It is understood that Bai Yunhe wanted to take the college entrance examination, but he discovered that several universities for the deaf only have computer and fine arts majors, and he is not interested in this.In order to do things that interest him, coupled with the dream of studying abroad since he was a child, Bai Yunhe had the idea of ​​studying abroad.

In the first semester of the second semester of high school, Bai Yunhe was determined to go abroad, and Gallaudet University, known as the “Harvard in the Deaf World”, was his goal.Chinese students who want to get high scores on the SAT (also known as the American College Entrance Examination) must undergo special training and preparation. Therefore, Bai Yunhe applied to the school for suspension.made in China Hearing aid

The difficulty of the SAT test is difficult for many normal candidates, let alone a deaf boy.To this end, Bai Yunhe has made great efforts.It is understood that starting from 2015, Bai Yunhe has participated in special training, doing exercises every day, reviewing real questions over the years, and reading a lot of English books and magazines.In the process of reviewing and preparing for the exam, Bai Yunhe believes that the biggest difficulty is English, because he can’t hear the sound and can’t speak very well.In order to improve his English ability, he spends several hours memorizing vocabulary every day, learning grammar for 10 days, 20 days a month, and even 10 months a year reading English classics.

Dreams come true

His SAT score exceeded the admission line, and he was admitted to the “Harvard for the Deaf” as he wished

In June 2015, Bai Yunhe went to Hong Kong alone, took the SAT test with other normal candidates, and successfully completed all the test questions, and his score exceeded the admission line of American universities.

Subsequently, Bai Yunhe set out to prepare a large amount of materials, applied to the Admissions Department of Gallaudet University in the United States, and then continued to supplement the materials.After a long period of patient waiting, at the end of March this year, Bai Yunhe finally received the admission letter from the “Harvard of the Deaf” Gallaudet University.

new start

He will study in the U.S. at the end of July. He hopes to let people know about the deaf culture.

“He is a child who knows how to work hard and is very independent.” Bai Yunhe’s father said in an interview with reporters last night. When he went to Guangzhou to study at a school for the deaf, it was his son’s own idea.In Guangzhou, his son is boarding with a teacher’s home, his parents are not around, but he has been studying consciously.At the end of July this year, his son will study in the United States. He is very happy and proud of this. Hearing aid In the eyes of most people, it is almost impossible for deaf people to study abroad.But Bai Yunhe doesn’t think so. He feels that deaf people have the same rights and freedom to chase their dreams, just like normal people, but they have to work harder than normal people. The more persistent they are, the closer they will be to their dreams.

For Bai Yunhe, entering university is not the end, but a new starting point.He hopes to learn more knowledge, better publicize for the deaf, let people know the culture of the deaf, and understand this “silent and beautiful world”.

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