A 14-year-old boy with hearing impairment became an inspirational example

Even if Yue Junjie, who is wearing a hearing aid, sits in the first two rows of the classroom and wants to hear the teacher’s lecture clearly, he has to be very focused and hardworking. “I was born different from others. Only by paying more can I draw a beautiful trajectory in life.” He said.

Yue Junjie is a 1-year-old student in the third grade (14) of Wuhan Ninth Middle School.Yesterday, Wu Xinxiang, the principal of the school, awarded him the title of “Progress Star”, “In this mid-term exam, his score reached the provincial demonstration high school score line delineated by Wuchang District. Hearing impaired can still pass the test. Okay, it’s not easy.”

Peng Lin, the teacher of the third grade (1) class, introduced that Yue Junjie is congenital deafness. Only when he wears a hearing aid can he hear people near him clearly.He listened very carefully in class, and he always completed his homework very carefully. “This child’s scores in mathematics, physics and chemistry are good, and several exams are close to full marks.” Physics teacher Liao Guanghua said, Yue Junjie also likes to raise his hand to speak in class, and likes to actively interact with the teacher.

The reporter learned that due to a family change, his father went to work in Guangzhou, and Yue Junjie has been fostered in a neighbor’s house since the fourth grade.Although he has no parents around him, he is very conscious in his studies and is never late for school.

“He is an inspirational role model around us.” said Ye Chengrong, a student in the third grade (1) class. Yue Junjie has a cheerful and optimistic personality, and he always mingle with his classmates.He is quick-thinking, can do many math problems, and often communicates problem-solving methods with his classmates.

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