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“Life Times”

At the age of 49, when her mother passed away, she took her XNUMX-year-old father who lived alone to take care of her at home.But she soon discovered that her father’s severe hearing loss caused great distress to the whole family-her father’s bedroom became a huge resonance box. He turned on the TV all the time, watching the news from the game, from all kinds of things. This kind of anti-Japanese war drama saw the short life dramas of the parents. He sat less than one meter away from the TV, with his ears stunned, focusing on catching the announcements and lines.

However, the old man is always forgetful, even if he does not need that loud volume, the sound of the TV is still turned on to the maximum.Until she pushed the door in and helped her father turn down the volume.When the father saw her pressing the button of the remote control with angrily, a daze appeared on his face, and then, a slow half-time apologize appeared.But the next day, the volume of the TV at home remained the same.

Neighbors upstairs and downstairs approached her to complain, saying that they could hear her TV lines across the floor; her son complained to her that the house was too noisy. He came back from work a day and wanted to find a clean one, but he got caught up by grandpa’s TV. Dizziness. “Why is my grandpa so stubborn that he doesn’t want to install a hearing aid? This is the same as when a person wears reading glasses when he grows old. It’s a natural thing!” There is another worry for the son: he is about to take his girlfriend back soon. Come home, such a noisy and crowded home, I wonder what my girlfriend would think.

She immediately took her father to match Hearing aid , Teach him how to use it, beg him, force him to wear it, and warn him not to remove the hearing aid when his son and girlfriend come to visit.She didn’t pay attention. After putting on the hearing aid, the old man became even more taciturn.

On this day, the son’s girlfriend came to the door for the first time, and it only took about ten minutes to greet him, and then he heard the sound of gunfire from his father’s room.She finally lost her patience, pulled the loose-leaf book on the table, rushed in, and saw her angrily writing on the book: “Why don’t you wear it? Hearing aid ?Why are you holding your weird self-esteem?Why doesn’t it always give us peace? “She wrote too hard, and the paper was torn by a pencil.

The father was stunned for a while, as if he understood why her anger came from.He took the pen and wrote in the notebook: “If you wear it, your ears are sore. If you don’t wear it, as long as you face me and speak slowly, I can hear it.” The old man paused and wrote: “Daughter, everything It’s all my fault, I make it difficult for you to be a human being.”

For some reason, she suddenly accumulated tears in her eyes.She always felt that it was her who gave the greatest patience, but she did not realize that it was her weakening father who gave more patience.

After the guests left, she showed the loose-leaf book to her son and suggested that everyone try on hearing aids for 10 minutes.At this time, the night is quiet, and the noise has subsided, but after wearing the hearing aid, the sound of the wind blowing leaves outside, the sound of wild cats crawling over the corrugated corrugation, the dripping sound of the outside air conditioner, and even the bounce of neon tubes outside the business are so loud. People can’t bear it.She and her son spoke softly, but the noise and the voice were entangled, which brought tremendous pressure to the ear drums.It is difficult for her to concentrate on distinguishing the core message of the conversation.

She was aware of her harshness to her father.All kinds of troubles caused by aging can not be realized without experience of helplessness and pain.My father just hoped that when his family members were talking with him, he would put down his mobile phone, face him, and zoom in and slow down his mouth.When his auditory world slowly became barren, he just hoped that family affection could give a response in silence, full of care and patience.How could she ignore this fading demand?

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