What can I do if my child’s hearing is not good?

The main manifestation of abnormal hearing of newborns is that they have no obvious response to external sounds.When talking to the baby’s ear, there is no expression and no movement of turning his head.

First go to the hospital for a detailed examination, listen to the doctor’s advice, try to treat as much as possible if it can be treated, and strive for the possibility of recovery. If the effect of the treatment is not good, consider wearing it as soon as possible Hearing aid Because children grow up day by day, it’s not good to miss it when it’s a critical period of language learning.If the child’s hearing loss is discovered as early as possible, the possibility of a cure is still very high.

If you are diagnosed with poor hearing, you need timely intervention. According to the hearing loss, the intervention is divided into two methods: cochlear implantation and hearing aid wearing. Before the age of 3 is a critical period for brain development and language learning, do not miss this most important learning stage. Early detection, early diagnosis, and early intervention can make them deaf but not dumb and integrate into normal society.

Mom and Dad usually need to pay more attention to the baby’s every move, so as to be able to find out what’s wrong with the baby in time.Otherwise, how can I find out if my child’s hearing is not good?Only by staying with the child at all times can we spot some abnormalities in the baby in time and avoid subsequent tragedies.

There are many diseases that cause hearing loss in children, and the treatment of each disease is different, and the intervention measures for children of different ages are also different.The doctor needs to give advice based on the child’s specific situation.When you suspect that your baby’s hearing is abnormal, you need to take your baby to the hospital for examination. Once it is determined that your baby’s hearing is a problem, you must promptly intervene and treat under the guidance of a doctor. Generally speaking, for patients with mild to moderate deafness , Can return to normal through early rehabilitation

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