Does hearing loss cause Alzheimer’s disease?

Hearing loss can causeAlzheimer’s disease?

Elderly deafness will make the elderly more lonely, causing psychological trauma, slow response, and mental decline.Studies have shown that presbycusis is positively related to brain atrophy and Alzheimer’s. With hearing loss and disuse of auditory function, atrophy may be aggravated and Alzheimer’s arrives earlier.

In addition, Professor Lin also found that about 9% of the subjects suffered from different degrees of dementia during the study period, and believed that the worse the hearing, the more severe the Alzheimer’s disease. In other words, if they suffer from hearing impairment, Damage, will greatly increase the chance of suffering from dementia.

Senile hearing loss will affect the quality of life, functional status, cognition, emotion, and social communication skills of the elderly.In fact, after excluding other variable factors such as depression and age, the possibility of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease will increase due to the aggravation of hearing loss.Moreover, when the hearing loss is improved, the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are also reduced.Therefore, if hearing loss has caused adverse effects, hearing aids or auxiliary hearing devices should be used to intervene.

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