How to prevent otitis media from damaging children’s hearing?

Secretory otitis media is also related to the nose. The most common cause is that the baby has sinusitis. The swollen nasal mucosa blocks the nasopharyngeal opening of the Eustachian tube (the tube connecting the nasal cavity and the middle ear cavity), not only the fluid in the middle ear cavity It cannot be discharged smoothly, and the air pressure in the ear is not balanced, which causes negative pressure in the middle ear cavity, causing the tissue fluid in the middle ear mucosa to penetrate into the cavity, and then an effusion is formed.The effusion causes poor sound conduction, and then causes hearing loss. It can be seen that secretory otitis media will not cause deafness. As long as the effusion is drained, hearing can be restored.The treatment is generally to spray medicine after cleaning the nasal cavity and orally to promote the discharge of nasal mucus.

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