If the parents’ hearing is intact, how can a child get large vestibular aqueduct syndrome?

When hearing loss is aggravated under obvious causes, active treatment with vasodilators, neurotrophic agents, dehydration and adrenal glucocorticoids can have a certain effect. At the same time, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can increase blood oxygen saturation and improve inner ear microcirculation. The effect is better, and hearing can be partially restored or fully restored to its original level.For those who have repeated episodes of hearing loss gradually, and those with moderate or severe hearing loss should wear it early Hearing aid , Especially for infants and young children, hearing aids help children’s language development. For children with severe deafness, it is recommended to consider cochlear implantation as soon as possible. Even if one ear is mildly deaf and the other ear is already severely deaf, it is recommended to hear Good ear wear Hearing aid , Implant cochlear implants in poor hearing ears, this is the binaural dual mode, which has better effects than single ear hearing compensation.For those with extremely severe hearing loss, whose hearing aids cannot achieve effective compensation, or those with progressive hearing loss, choosing a cochlear implant as early as possible is the only way.Practice has proved that hearing aids and cochlear implants are the only effective means to improve or rebuild hearing in children.

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