How can we prevent tinnitus and deafness?

1. Maintain a comfortable mood, avoid excessive depression and anger, so as to avoid tinnitus caused by anger.

2. Develop good living habits.Long-term smoking, the harmful substances in the smoke can easily damage the cochlea and cause tinnitus and deafness.

3. Pay attention to proper recuperation, not to cause kidney deficiency and tinnitus due to long-term fatigue.

6. Pay attention to dietary regulation, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, avoid excessive thinking, and damage the spleen for a long time and cause insufficient blood and tinnitus.

When tinnitus and deafness reach a serious level, the harm will be greater. The treatment of tinnitus should be treated in time without delay!Go to the hospital as soon as possible, and don’t listen to all kinds of false or exaggerated advertisements, drugs, or take it by yourself, so as not to delay the condition, cause the condition to become worse, and miss the best opportunity for treatment!

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