Can hearing aids be worn after otitis media surgery?

Otitis media has two types: purulent and non-suppurative. Chronic suppurative otitis media has three types: simple, cholesteatoma and bone ulcer.Non-suppurative and simple suppurative otitis media are generally safe, and serious complications will not occur.However, cholesteatoma type and bone ulcer type can cause various complications, and if it is an intracranial comorbidity, it will be harmful.

Keep your nose in a fresh air environment, keep your nasal cavity unobstructed, ensure adequate sleep, and actively treat ear, nose, and throat diseases. When wiping your nose, you should not squeeze the nostrils on both sides at the same time. You should blow your nose unilaterally. Keep your ears open after swimming or bathing. The internal water flows out, exercise more to improve your immunity and prevent colds.Wear earplugs when swimming, so that water can’t get into the ears and induce otitis media. If the ears are painful, you can use a clean towel to warm the ears or use a hot pad to relieve ear pain.

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