Early intervention benefits and intervention methods for hearing loss

Different intervention methods are adopted for different causes of hearing loss:

1. Medication
Most patients with otitis media can be improved with drugs, and some can be cured.

2. Surgical treatment
For long-term and recurrent secretory otitis media, a middle ear ventilation tube may be considered.Congenital malformations of the outer ear can be treated with surgery.Tympanoplasty is feasible for purulent otitis media after the ears are dried.

3. Hearing aid :
Most patients with sensorineural hearing loss can wear Hearing aid .

4. Cochlear implantation:
For a small number of children with very severe hearing loss who cannot use hearing aids to improve their hearing, cochlear implants can be considered.

5. Auditory and speech training:
Children with any degree of hearing loss need to receive hearing and speech rehabilitation training after wearing hearing aids or cochlear implants to help them adapt to life and learning.

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