I like swimming, but I have otitis media. How can I protect myself against otitis media while swimming?

Swimming is easy to cause otitis media because swimming is easy to choke water.On holidays, many children who usually don’t have time to learn to swim learn to swim and learn to breathe. Because of impatient or insufficient technical skills, they can easily choke in the water and choke while learning.70%-80% of patients suffering from otitis media due to swimming are caused by choking, causing rhinitis and sinusitis. When the disease progresses further, it will cause otitis media.The other 20%-30% are caused by water flowing directly into the ear and infecting the eardrum. This part of patients is relatively rare.Once the water is choked, the sewage can enter the middle ear cavity through the nose-nasopharynx-middle ear channel. The bacteria in the water spread to the middle ear cavity mucosa along the Eustachian tube, causing the middle ear effusion, obstruction, and secretion (what we commonly call “pus” “) Can not flow out and cause inflammation.

2. Before swimming, check your ears.If you find ear cerumen, you should use ear canal cleaning fluid (the ear canal cleaning fluid will automatically swell and soften the earwax and dirt. There is no need to use an ear pick or other tools to forcefully dig out foreign objects in the ear canal to avoid damage to the inner wall of the ear canal).If there are diseases such as tympanic membrane perforation, otitis media, etc., swimming is not suitable to prevent the disease from recurring.Diabetics should pay special attention to hygiene when swimming to avoid necrotizing otitis externa.

Tighten the external auditory canal with absorbent cotton dipped in petroleum jelly when swimming; drain the water in the external auditory canal in time after swimming.When draining, the head is tilted to the side of the water, and the water can be drained by gently tapping the head with the palm of the same side.If the ear is itchy, use 75% alcohol cotton to gently wipe the external ear canal, and hand digging is prohibited.If you feel pain in your ears, you should go to the hospital for treatment.

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