Is mute and deafness related?

      If you grow up, you will be 7-8 years old, your situation will be much better. Even if you are deaf, you can mostly retain your original language ability, but your voice and intonation will be a little different over time, but you can basically express yourself.If you are an adult, because your language function is already sound, you can no longer have language barriers, and you will not be dumb though you are deaf.In the final analysis, the root cause of dumbness lies in childhood hearing impairment and deafness.

      When some parents bring deaf-mute children for treatment, they often ask the doctor to examine the child’s tongue, pharynx, throat and other vocal organs in detail. They think that “the tendons under the tongue are blocked, and they can’t speak.” In fact, this view is wrong. .Diseases of the pronunciation organs will only make the voice hoarse, slurred speech or inaccurate words, and it is absolutely impossible to not speak.Therefore, the focus of diagnosis and treatment should be on deafness, as long as you have a certain amount of hearing and a good brain, you can learn to speak.Most of the deaf-mute mentioned above are the result of total deafness (hearing loss of more than 90 decibels, and inaudible yelling).

      如果是中等度聋(听力损失40-55分贝),则尚可勉强听到日常会话,大多数患儿表现为讲话推迟1年左右,以后慢慢仍会讲话。’若是重度聋(听力损失55-70分贝),只能勉强听到大声讲话,这种患儿的说话能力最少得推迟2一“年,而且往往讲话不清,有不完全性语百障碍。耳聋患儿中还有很多是高频Hearing loss, Low-frequency hearing retention is still good, such as ototoxic antibiotics toxic deafness.Such children often recite low-frequency words such as two, five, and eight clearly, but it is difficult to recite high-frequency sounds such as three, four, and seven. This phenomenon also shows that there is deafness rather than a “big tongue.”

      With the rapid development of China’s economy, people’s living standards have also been greatly improved, and today’s medical standards have also undergone rapid changes.Most deafness caused by otology can be treated with drugs or surgery, while hearing disorders that cannot be medically treated can also be treated with hearing aids or electronic cochlea for rehabilitation intervention, and language communication can also be treated with speech rehabilitation training. Treatment, the era of “ten deaf and nine dumb” is long gone.

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