How to detect hearing loss in preschool children early?

It is worth noting that some bad habits or actions in life may also damage children’s hearing, such as using cotton swabs or picking ears to pick out their ears. In fact, the ears have the ability to clean themselves and do not require special cleaning; children blow their noses forcefully Inhalation of the nose may also damage the ears, and even cause earache, empyema in the middle ear, etc. Moreover, frequent inhalation of the nose will increase the risk of otitis media. In severe cases, brain abscess may occur.

The signal manifestations of these early hearing impairments are:
XNUMX. Infancy:
1-3 months: No response to sudden loud noises.

3-6 months: Will not look for sound sources.
6-9 months: Will not look at the person or thing mentioned in the speech.
9-12 months: I don’t understand the instructions to follow an action, for example: give me the ball.

12-15 months: Failure to say the first word, such as: Dad, Mom, light, car.
15-18 months: Indifferent to your call in the neighboring house.
18-24 months: Failure to use two-word short sentences.
24-30 months: Can speak less than 100 words.
30-36 months: Failure to use sentences of 4 to 5 words.
XNUMX. Childhood:
1. When talking with children, children often ask “what” or “you say it again”, or show unheard or unintelligible expressions.
2. Children have the habit of staring at the speaker’s mouth when they are talking with others. This is a kind of “lip-reading” characteristic of deaf people.
3. When calling the child, the child is unresponsive or unresponsive, and the child has a poor ability to discriminate the location of the sound source.For example, when the child calls him on the right, he cannot accurately turn his head or body to the calling person, but in the opposite or other direction.

4. Inaccurate pronunciation, unclear speech, and heavy vowel sounds, parents often mistakenly believe that there is something wrong with the child’s vocal organs.The child’s pronunciation is inaccurate, and the speech is not clear, which is actually a unique manifestation of sensorineural hearing loss.
5. Inability to concentrate during class, and often answers to questions raised by teachers are not what they ask.
6. When watching TV or listening to the radio, stay close to the TV or radio, or like to turn on the sound of the TV and radio very loudly.
Parents often only pay attention to the diseases their children are suffering from, and ignore the hearing damage that these diseases may bring to their children. When the parents find out and take their children to see a doctor, they may miss the best time for treatment.Different from adults, children are in a critical period of language learning and character formation. Hearing impairment cannot be corrected in time, which will affect children’s language learning. From deaf to dumb, unable to listen and speak well, children will be slow to respond. I am willing to communicate with others and my personality becomes introverted and even inferior.

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