How to prevent senile hearing loss?

Pay full attention to nutrition, and add more trace elements such as zinc, iron, and calcium.Especially zinc element has a very good health care effect on preventing presbycusis.According to a survey in the United States, people with senile hearing loss continue to take zinc supplementation for more than half a year, and one third of them have their symptoms improved to varying degrees.Foods rich in zinc are mainly marine fish, oysters, fresh shellfish, etc. Regular consumption is good for preventing senile hearing loss.

Middle-aged and elderly people suffering from these diseases, especially those with arteriosclerosis, are prone to impaired blood movement in the inner ear and cause sudden deafness.Active treatment of these diseases is very important for improving microcirculation disorders and delaying hearing loss in the elderly.

Long-term tinnitus, TV sound is so loud that people can’t hear them… These phenomena may be the early manifestations of presbycusis. 80% of the elderly did not intervene after hearing impairment, which eventually led to deafness.Therefore, it is very important for the elderly to intervene and treat as early as possible to preserve the residual hearing to improve their quality of life in their later years.Elderly deafness will make the elderly more lonely, causing psychological trauma, slow response, and mental decline.Studies have shown that presbycusis is positively related to brain atrophy and Alzheimer’s. With hearing loss and disuse of auditory function, atrophy may be aggravated and Alzheimer’s arrives earlier.

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