How to guide hearing-impaired children to adapt to the listening environment?

It is to let the hearing impaired children know that different objects can make different sounds.

4. Cultivation and establishment procedures: Same as the four stages of auditory development, divided into XNUMX gradual levels.The first stage of sound perception, that is, children can perceive the existence of sound, is the most basic level of hearing; the second stage, sound discrimination, that is, a basic level of hearing that children have to determine whether they hear the same or different sounds ; The third stage, sound recognition, is a kind of auditory level that children can identify auditory stimuli and vocal objects; the fourth stage, sound understanding, that is, children can understand the meaning of language through hearing, which is a higher auditory level .

Here we once again emphasize that hearing impaired children should organically combine hearing training and language training from the beginning of rehabilitation.

Hearing and listening are two fundamentally different concepts.Hearing is a physiological process, and listening is more a psychological process. Its development has to go through four consecutive stages of auditory perception, auditory discrimination, auditory recognition, and auditory understanding. These four stages are interrelated and interdependent. To the advanced level, from simple to complex, spiraling upward.In fact, it is a gradual process of repeatedly recognizing, distinguishing, and remembering sounds, and finally forming auditory concepts.Appropriate hearing compensation and hearing reconstruction are the prerequisites of rehabilitation training, that is to say, effective rehabilitation training can only be carried out after a suitable hearing aid or cochlear implant is fitted.

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