Soldiers often shoot live ammunition, will they damage their hearing?Why?

According to scientific research, the noise of the gun when it fires a bullet is generally around 140 decibels, and this is not a fixed value. Depending on the caliber of the bullet, the number of decibels may be higher. Such a loud sound will definitely make Our auditory nerve is severely damaged.

Generally speaking, noise that exceeds the safety noise standard (85-90 decibels) may cause tinnitus and deafness.But for the same intensity of noise, there are individual sensitivity differences, and only the sensitive ones are hurt or the most severely hurt.

In the process of noise causing illness, 90 decibels is a clear threshold. After 90 decibels, the individual differences between people will not be obvious. This kind of noise has a bad effect on most people and can cause Various diseases. Steady-state noise that has been maintained in a state is less harmful to people than the same decibel, but the sound is fluctuatingly loud and small. The sudden noise of 100 decibels may even cause instant eardrum perforation and hearing loss, so Noise is recognized as a common pollution factor.

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