What are the symptoms of otitis media in children?

What are the symptoms of otitis media in children?

Therefore, parents and teachers should be more aware of the disease. Children who have repeated upper respiratory tract infections, especially those who are slow to respond to voice and lack concentration, should be brought to the hospital for examination in time.After medical treatment, 90% of children with secretory otitis media will heal within 3-6 months. If after 3 months of observation, secretory otitis media that is ineffective in medical treatment requires tympanic tube insertion.

However, many parents will not take their children for follow-up visits. It should be noted that acute otitis media can easily turn into secretory otitis media. You must go to the hospital for follow-up visits 2 weeks after the onset.In addition, if you find pus in the ear canal during the medication, you need to go to the hospital to change the ear drops.

Children with otitis media often have earaches and pus in the clinic, and hearing loss, and during this period, fever and vomiting are often seen. Sometimes meningitis may occur, some patients may also cough, and sometimes night Can’t sleep.At this time, the patient must not pinch the nose forcefully. During this period, it is necessary to prevent retrograde infection of bacteria through the Eustachian tube. Special attention should be paid to not allowing water to enter the ears. During these periods, you must pay special attention to when washing your hair. The ears are plugged.

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