Which moment of consciousness should I be able to stay up late?When tinnitus!

Dizziness, tinnitus, dizziness, weakness in limbs, unresponsiveness; late night tinnitus, headache, blue eye sockets; increasing hair in the basin when washing hair, headache and tinnitus when putting down the phone at one or two o’clock… When this moment comes, I feel like I can’t stay up all night anymore.

However, some diseases such as cerumen embolism, secretory otitis media, early acoustic neuroma, etc. Although patients may experience tinnitus in varying degrees, they may not cause it after recoveryHearing loss, Which means that if you have tinnitus, you don’t necessarily have to be deaf.

There are also some tinnitus that may not be the cause of hearing diseases. Psychological stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, excessive fatigue, etc., may all cause symptoms of tinnitus. In these cases, tinnitus is more like an “alarm” of the human body. It reminds people to pay attention to their bodies and not to overwork them!

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