What is the cause of ear discomfort and tinnitus after wearing airpods pro?

      Experiments have shown that after one hour of wearing, the bacteria in the earphones multiplied nearly five times, and the earphones only multiplied three times. And most people rarely clean the earphones, although under normal circumstances they don’t. There is a big problem, but if the body’s resistance is reduced, these bacteria will enter the body through the ear canal and endanger our health. Of course, everything must be paid attention to. In-ear headphones can be popular, and there are them. As long as the volume does not exceed 60% of the maximum volume, the continuous listening time is controlled within one hour, and the headphones are disinfected regularly, basically there will be no major problems.

      After a person puts on the earphones, the outer ear is almost in a occluded state, and the sound enters the ear directly without air filtration, and is concentrated on the thin eardrum.In the case of the same decibel, the damage to hearing is much greater than the sound of the outside.At the same time, the distance between the vibrating membrane of the earplug machine and the eardrum is very close, and the range of sound wave propagation is small and concentrated, which stimulates the eardrum auditory nerve very greatly.This kind of chronic injury is not easy to detect, and it can cause deafness if accumulated for a certain period of time.

      Due to the frequent use of earphones and the aggravation of various social noises, many people have tinnitus in varying degrees.In mild cases, tinnitus is similar to the sound of mosquitoes and flies, and far more like the sound of cicadas; in severe cases, the high-pitched sound of tinnitus is like the sound of a siren, which seriously affects sleep and quality of life.Patients with severe tinnitus should seek treatment with Chinese medicine, and patients with mild tinnitus can use the following methods for trial treatment or maintenance.


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