My hearing is not good, why are you afraid of being loud?

      As people get old, many organs are deteriorating, including hearing, but hearing is one of the main human senses. Just like many people wear glasses when they are old, why can’t people wear hearing aids when they are old?If you can’t see the faces of your children, and if you can’t make a “mother’s taste” for your children, they will be anxious; if you can’t hear the children’s “Dad, Mom, I’m back”, will they not feel anxious?They can’t integrate into the community, and they can’t step on the rhythm of the music when they dance square dancing. How can they live their lives?

      The existence of revival is the root cause of deafness and fear of noise.Rehabilitation is a common phenomenon, but it is not yet understood by the deaf or even by most ear doctors.Therefore, once it is discovered that our patients are “allergic” to loud sounds, they should be introduced to the phenomenon of rejuvenation and its mechanism.The advantage of this is that we tend to receive unexpected trust.In addition, the maximum sound output must be paid attention to when choosing hearing aids for patients undergoing resuscitation.

      Some elderly people have reduced communication with the outside world due to hearing loss, psychologically withdrawn, and even senile dementia, which seriously affects the quality of life of the elderly.Therefore, it is recommended that the elderly should wear it as soon as possible Hearing aid , The elderly wearing hearing aids as early as possible can not only reduce the degree of hearing loss and maintain normal hearing activities, but also prevent the elderly from being affected in their later life.

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