May I ask the otolaryngology doctor, how do I maintain my tinnitus for 10 years?

May I ask the doctor of otolaryngology, I have tinnitus for 10 yearsHow to maintain it?

People who often have tinnitus should pay more attention to daily home care, avoid exposure to strong noise, relax, and avoid using drugs that aggravate tinnitus symptoms.Prolonged exposure to noise can cause tinnitus, reduce noise sources or wear protective earmuffs, earplugs, etc. to protect the hearing of tinnitus patients.Be careful not to use the Walkman headset for a long time and at high volume.

The daily care of tinnitus patients can effectively prevent the aggravation of tinnitus. A clear understanding of how to care for tinnitus is also helpful to the treatment of the disease. The care of tinnitus is carried out from many aspects, including their own living habits, eating habits, and It is some sleeping postures, one’s own work and rest time, and the prevention of diseases.

7. Ensuring adequate sleep: Ensuring adequate sleep has a very important effect on a person’s body and mind.Only with a good sleep can there be sufficient energy and the body will have a certain resistance.

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