What should I do if my baby is born with mild deafness?


It is recommended to intervene in time so as not to affect the development of speech.Deafness should be clarified and treated as soon as possible.Due to hearing impairment, it will also affect the development of language function. This has been the case since birth. Could you please list a few possibilities?The child has not had any serious illnesses. . .It is mainly divided into neurological and conductive deafness. The former is more difficult to treat, and the latter can be improved through the reconstruction of the conduction path. You should first check the hearing impairment.

You should take the child to the ENT department of the hospital immediately, describe the child’s performance in detail to the doctor, and be ready to answer a series of questions the doctor may ask about deafness.

If you are diagnosed with conductive deafness, you should consider active treatment.In theory, conductive deafness can be cured.If the deafness has been for a long time (such as more than XNUMX year), language rehabilitation training should be started while the deafness is being treated.If it is diagnosed as sensorineural hearing loss, because there is no effective treatment at present, parents should generally consider rehabilitation treatment with a positive attitude to avoid or reduce the adverse effects of deafness on their children.

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