How to exercise children’s hearing ability?

② Purpose of singing training: to cultivate children’s auditory discrimination ability.Training method: Let the children listen to and learn to sing some short songs, starting with the obvious difference in rhythm and pitch.

③ Retelling sentences and story training purposes: to train children’s long-term memory and comprehension skills.Training method:.Let the children listen to and retell sentences and short stories.Note that there are no more than 5 unfamiliar words in the text.

Methods of judging the level of children’s auditory attention ability:

●Judge the child’s auditory attention ability level through the “missing number” game.

●Parents count from 1 to 1 at a speed of 1 digit per second, with dozens of numbers missing at random. When the child finds a missing number, he clap his hands once.

●It is found that more than 8 digits are missed, the child’s auditory attention ability is strong;

have to be aware of is:It’s not long before children with poor auditory attention develop that parents may be “summoned” by the teacher, telling them that their children are often “wandering”, “inattentive”, “concerned”, “not listening”, “hyperactive”, etc., while some parents But I feel that “our children can sit in one place for a long time and concentrate on watching TV and painting.” Then they doubt the teacher and the education system.

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