How should earphones be used to protect hearing?

      As mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives, the frequency of people using earphones has also risen sharply. On the bus and in the subway, men and women wearing earphones can be seen everywhere. Wearing earphones for a long time can cause hearing damage.

How should earphones be used to protect hearing?

1. The sound of the earphone cannot exceed 60% of the volume of the mobile phone.Some headphones have a maximum volume of 120 decibels, which far exceeds the noise standard, so you must control the volume of the headphones;

2. Try to keep the earphones on for less than 1 hour.Wearing headphones for a long time will cause auditory fatigue, you should let your ears rest for a while, and don’t wear headphones at night to listen to music and fall asleep;

3. At present, the types of earphones on the market include in-ear, earbuds, headsets, etc. Try to choose headphones, because in-ear headphones have less sound leakage, and the sound intensity can be increased by 7-9 compared to headphones Decibels, the stimulation to the inner ear is greater;

4. Choose headphones with good noise reduction performance.At present, the price of earphones on the market ranges from tens of yuan to thousands of yuan, but you get what you pay for. On the one hand, noise-canceling earphones have better sound quality and are not prone to sound breakage. On the other hand, they can prevent us from Unconsciously increase the sound of headphones in a noisy environment such as public places;

5. When wearing earphones, try to wear both ears at the same time. Wearing only one earphone will stimulate the cerebral cortex to fatigue on one side, causing symptoms such as earache, dizziness, and tinnitus.

Cultivate the appreciation habit of combining work and rest:

      Music fans who love music can skip meals and rest, keep listening, and listen to death. Although this spirit is very persistent and touching, the author does not advocate this. Listening to music is like reading a book or exercising. It is a combination of work and rest, which is too long. Time listening can cause excessive ear pressure and overload work, causing hearing loss and harming health.

      I guess that many friends have listened to music for a long time and hear the “oil” state of the ear. In fact, this “oil” is the substance secreted by the ear for self-protection. This is also a signal to tell you that I am tired and need it. Rest; and human ears are capable of self-repair. Proper rest can keep your ears in a sensitive and healthy state. To become a “golden ear” is the dream of many music-loving friends, and it is this dream to keep your ears in a state of The premise, so pay attention to rest is very important.


The correct way is to use the following solutions:
1. Replace earplugs or earphones. Flat-head earplugs and open/semi-open earphones are less effective in isolating external noise. Therefore, it is ideal to choose closed earphones. General users will not be able to avoid excessive external noise. The volume of the Walkman will be adjusted to too high. In this respect, it does protect the ears, but at the same time, please note that the external noise is isolated by 60%, which means that the sound signal of the external warning reminder will also be filtered by 60%, so there is no Please pay special attention to potential safety hazards!
2. Cheap and convenient solution. For your health, please turn off the Walkman, and refuse to use it in an excessively noisy environment is responsible for your own health.

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