Isn’t poor hearing a “patent” for the elderly?Why?

      “Human hearing is very delicate. The number of hair cells in the cochlea that feels sound is fixed at birth, and the damage to each one is one less, which is irreversible.” Experts point out that in our lives, from infants to toddlers. Elderly people may cause damage and dying of the hair cells that perceive sound due to different reasons, which may cause hearing loss.Clinically, in addition to presbycusis, sudden deafness is more and more common among young adults.Especially for elites in their early 40s, chronic stress, poor sleep, mental stress, and overwork are common causes.Among young people, noise-induced hearing loss caused by long-term loud listening to headphones is also becoming more common.Even as young as childhood, common diseases such as secretory otitis media and adenoid hypertrophy can also cause hearing loss in children.It has been clinically found that some breast-feeding babies are susceptible to otitis media. The doctor asked carefully and found that the mother takes the supine position when breastfeeding the baby. When the baby eats too much, too quickly, and choking occurs, the milk may enter the middle ear and cause inflammation. .

      The elderly are not the only ones with hearing loss.Everyone should take good care of their ears and protect their hearing.

      People of different ages will have different performances. Children will have language learning difficulties. Adults will have communication difficulties in work, study and life, such as inability to hear in meetings, unintelligence in class, etc., which are caused by the elderly. The quality of life in retirement has declined and even increased the risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

      Therefore, you must seek medical treatment and intervene in time for hearing loss!The specific hazards of hearing loss, I have made a detailed explanation here. In general, the sooner the appointment is made, if it is permanentHearing loss, The sooner you intervene in the appointment.

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