What are the methods to check children’s hearing?

Child hearingWhat are the inspection methods?

     There are many ways to check the hearing.You can speak softly to the child’s ear. If the child turns to the direction where you are speaking, then the child’s hearing is not a problem.Of course, you can also shake a bell next to the child. If the child can track the sound of the bell, then the child’s hearing is not a problem.

     Of course, the above is a method for parents to self-test their children’s hearing.In fact, medical methods for detecting children’s hearing are far more precise and accurate than this.There are professional hearing screening equipment in the hospital.Parents only need to place the instrument next to the child’s ear to detect whether the child’s hearing is a problem.Screening methods can be divided into otoacoustic emission device detection and automatic auditory brainstem response detection.These detection methods can comprehensively monitor whether there are any problems with children’s hearing.

     Every parent hopes to know as soon as possible whether the child’s hearing is normal. In order to know the answer more accurately, it is best to take the baby to the hospital for hearing screening in time.

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