How do you dig out your ears every day?What are the precautions?

2. Use cotton swabs.The cotton swab will reduce the irritation of the ear and prevent the eardrum from being broken by too much force.

     Medically speaking, normal people do not need to dig out their ears. Cerumen (earwax) can prevent the damage of sound waves to the tympanic membrane, and also has antibacterial and sterilization effects.Under normal circumstances, the cerumen will automatically fall out of the body with the movement of the jaw joints such as opening the mouth and yawning.Picking out ears at will will destroy the protective effect of the cerumen on the ears, may cause otitis media, and cause hearing loss.If you encounter cerumen blockage and foreign bodies, you can go to the hospital’s ENT department to solve it.

In addition, the oil-rich cerumen can keep the external auditory canal at a certain temperature and humidity, and ensure that the tympanic membrane deep in the ear canal does not dry out, so that the tympanic membrane is in the best state of motion.

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