What is the manifestation of hearing loss?How can I be sure that I have a hearing problem?

      The most obvious feeling of hearing loss is that you can’t hear or hear what others are saying. When you communicate with others, you often ask others to repeat what they say to you, or you can’t hear what others are saying when you are facing away from others. Then you need to Consider whether you existHearing loss.Of course, the most accurate thing is to go to the hospital or hearing aid fitting center to do a hearing test, you can clearly know whether you have hearing loss, how much hearing loss, and so on.

      It is actually very easy to determine if you have hearing problems. Think about whether you often cannot hear what they are saying when you talk to others in your life, often let others repeat the speech, and sometimes answer the wrong questions when you talk to them. ; When making a call, do you often fail to hear the content of the phone? When watching TV, you must turn the volume of the TV to a high level to hear clearly; if you already have the same feelings as mentioned above, it means your hearing There has been a problem.It is recommended to go to the fitting center to test your hearing as soon as possible.

Listen to soft sounds in a quiet environment.You need to raise your ears, narrow the distance, and concentrate to hear clearly.Sometimes it needs to be repeated by others.It is more difficult to listen softly in a noisy environment; the surrounding environment hides these sounds in a high proportion, and the hearing is low; it makes it easier for people to ignore the other’s softer voices.

Manifestations: hearing difficulties. 81-120 decibels, the span is large, the audibility of the sound is different; the audibility of the voice also has obvious differences.People with hearing loss of nearly 81 decibels are more likely to hear loud and loud sounds. Lip reading is necessary; hearing aids are still helpful.Hearing-impaired ears are nearly 120 decibels, only loud sounds can be heard, and the sound is almost inaudible. It is easy to think that you are deaf and your ears are useless; hearing aids are also less and less help, and cochlear implants may be a better choice.

If you have the above situation, it is recommended to go to the ear, nose and throat department of a regular hospital or a professional hearing aid fitting and hearing center to check your hearing!

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