What should I do when my ears are not working well when I am old?

Getting older, The ears are not working well, what should I do?

Older age, ear hearing loss is also normal. You can go to a regular hospital for an examination to see if you can recover your hearing through treatment. If you can’t get treatment, you can also go to a regular hearing aid store and choose a suitable one. Hearing aids come to help.

The elderly should adhere to appropriate physical exercises, such as Tai Chi, Qigong dance, etc., which can also help improve metabolism and strengthen physical fitness, which are all conducive to preventing the occurrence of presbycusis.

When a person gets older, the body’s various functions are diminishing. The body’s response is slow. The function of the ear is definitely not as good as when it is young. Generally speaking, the deafness of the elderly is due to the reason of being too old. The hearing is slowly degraded. Suggestion Long-term unintelligible hearing with hearing aids can aggravate hearing loss.

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