What kind of damage can water in the ear cause to the body?

When the ear gets water, you can use a cotton swab to put it into the ear to absorb water, but you must pay attention to the action to be light, to ensure that it will not hurt the ear canal.

You can also use chewing gum to solve the problem of water in the ears, because doing so can generate airflow and pressure in the ears. This method is relatively easy to use.

Lift the opposite foot of the water-inlet ear, and keep jumping with the other foot to jump out of the water.Stand on the shore, tilt your head to the side with water, support your body with the legs on that side, and jump several times in a row to make the water flow out of your ears.

4. Movable external ear canal

Using the principle of atmospheric pressure, raise the ear with the water, pour water into it, and then pour the water out suddenly.

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