My ear hearing is a little worse. Is there any way to improve it?

Although permanent hearing loss cannot be “cured”, it is internationally recognized that patients can pass Hearing aid , Cochlear implants and other hearing aids (need to be surgically implanted) to amplify the sound, improve hearing, and improve communication.

     Therefore, ear hearing is not good. Depending on the specific situation, some medicines are available, some require surgery, and some seem to be unable to restore hearing and can be “hearing aid.”

     In daily life, you need to take the following measures to avoid tinnitus: Don’t use earplugs to listen to things like Walkmans for a long time; an effective way to avoid environmental noise is to stay away from noise sources or wear earplugs in a noisy environment. Earplugs can reduce 15-20 Sound in decibels; if tinnitus occurs when using ototoxic drugs, stop immediately; control blood pressure within the normal range; reduce salt intake; do not use stimulating beverages, such as coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, and quit smoking; pass more Exercise to improve blood circulation; timely correction and treatment of oral diseases such as malocclusion; appropriate supplementation of zinc-containing preparations for the elderly can help prevent tinnitus.

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