WHO (World Health Organization) survey found in 2012

WHO(世界卫生组织)2012年的调查发现:全球有3.6亿人面临听力损失的困扰,其中女性听损占据了44%,约1.45亿。在这些人群中,东亚(中国和朝鲜)所占的比例有22%!在特朗普大叔正在执掌的美国,50岁女性中有三分之一都有一定程度的Hearing loss,60岁女性中,这个比例为三分之二。2008年的研究结果表明,听力损失有朝着20-30岁的年轻人逼近的趋势!有人会问,耳朵不好需要这么大惊小怪吗?不要光懂得治病不懂得预防,大量的科学研究一再地告诉人们:听力损失会影响交流,降低生活质量,此外还跟一些常见的慢性疾病及健康状况之间存在着千丝万缕的联系。下文将为您一一揭秘值得每位女性关注的7件关于健康的头等大事:

1. Depression
Studies have shown that hearing loss is related to depression, especially for women.

2. Heart
Hearing health is a beacon of cardiovascular disease.Studies have proven that: our inner ear is very sensitive to blood flow, so abnormalities in the cardiovascular system are likely to directly reflect on hearing, which may be detected earlier.According to research data from the American Heart Association, heart disease is the number one killer of women’s health.

3. Diabetes
People with diabetes are more likely to suffer from hearing loss than those with normal blood sugar levels.What’s more serious is that women with diabetes may suffer a greater degree of hearing loss as they age, especially when the condition is not controlled by drugs.About 11% of women in the United States have diabetes.

4. Lifestyle
Three studies on lifestyles that affect heart function are very special:
(1) The first study found that women who like to exercise regularly have a lower risk of hearing loss.
(2) The second study found that smokers and passive smokers (people who smoke second-hand smoke) are more likely to suffer from hearing loss.
(3) The third study found that regular consumption of fish and high intake of long-chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids can effectively lower the risk of hearing loss in women.

5. Analgesics
It was found in women with hearing loss that they have a habit of taking common painkillers.Among them, ibuprofen and acetaminophen increase the risk of hearing loss in women.Even for young people under the age of 50, this association is very obvious.

6. Alzheimer’s
Studies have shown that hearing loss and Alzheimer’s disease have a certain connection, which makes experts believe that interventions such as hearing aids may greatly delay the onset time or prevent Alzheimer’s disease.This research is still continuing.

7. Male
一项来自约翰霍普金斯大学的2008年的研究显示:男性的听损概率比女性高出的5.5倍!但导致这个患病率的性别差异的原因并不是在出生而是在后天。专家分析指出:大部分的原因是由于生活方式和环境因素导致的,比如吸烟、长期暴露于噪声环境中,以及心血管等危险因素,这些对男性的影响会更多。还有一个有趣的研究发现:无论年龄大小, 女性对于2000Hz以上的高频都能听得很好,随着年龄的增长,她们对于1000到2000Hz的中高频声音听得没有男性这么好。

Although most hearing loss is irreversible, we can prevent it before it happens through professional guidance.Maintain a healthy diet and living habits, smoke less, use painkillers reasonably under the guidance of a doctor, prevent yourself from being exposed to noise for a long time, pay attention to any abnormalities in hearing and require professional guidance, and actively face hearing loss. Intervene in time without evading.You have to believe that if you are in full bloom and the breeze is coming, Goddess Day does not bless you, just remind: whether it is a woman or a bearded eyebrow, it is the last word to treat yourself well.

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